Check out our list of tasty, kid-friendly smoothies that your little ones will slurp right up! These smoothies for kids and toddlers are healthy and yummy at the same time. Double win for parents!


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    Smoothies for kids and toddlers are actually a pretty clever way to give your mini-me their fill of fruits, veggies, and other nutrients so they can grow up healthy and strong. In this post, you’ll find kid-friendly smoothies that are:

    • High in protein
    • Helpful for constipation
    • Effective for weight gain
    With ingredients like spinach, avocado, oats, and a whole array of other healthy foods, parents can rest assured that this round up of healthy smoothies for toddlers and older kids will be a huge hit, even with most picky eaters in the family.

    Toddler smoothie cup

    Before we get to the good stuff, be sure to snag one of these toddler-friendly smoothie cups first to make it as easy as possible for your child to enjoy the yummy and healthy smoothies to follow.

    simple goods stainless steel tumbler smoothies kids toddlers straw

    Simple Goods – Kids stainless steel sippy cup tumbler with straw, lid, and bag
    The lid on this tumbler fits snugly and is pretty secure, but be mindful that it might leak a tiny bit when tipped onto its side. The straw has a stopper that kids can’t pull out, though, which is a big plus.

    housavvy kids stainless steel cup tumbler with straw smoothies kids toddlers

    Housavvy – Kids stainless steel cups with lids and straws
    This cup is great at keeping the temperature of your beverages. The vibrant colors and slightly smaller size make this a perfect cup for younger children. The thicker straw makes it much easier for kids to down thicker drinks, like smoothies.

    silikids silicone slip on cup tops with straw smoothies kids toddlers

    Silikids Siliskin – silicone straw tops
    Does your little one already have a favorite cup? Turn it into a virtually leakproof mug with these slip-on covers that seal off the top and come with a nice, thick straw that’s the right diameter for drinks like smoothies.

    strawberry watermelon smoothie

    How to make a smoothie for kids

    This refreshing, green smoothie is only 4 ingredients!


    • 1 cup spinach
    • 1 cup frozen strawberries
    • 1 cup watermelon
    • ½ cup coconut water

    Instructions to make this easy smoothie:

    • Step 1. Add ingredients into blender and combine.
    • Step 2. Enjoy!

    Smoothies for kids and toddlers

    Healthy, delicious smoothies

    If you’re looking for a few go-to recipes, try these kid-friendly smoothies.

    Orange smoothie

    The vitamin-C in this smoothie makes it great to help fend off colds. (via My Fussy Eater)

    Vegan, allergen-friendly go-to smoothie

    This one is soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and (most importantly) popular with kids. (via Detoxinista)

    Protein smoothies for kids

    Your kid not much of a meat eater? Luckily, you don’t need to be concerned about protein intake since there are many vegetarian options to meet your kid’s daily needs for protein. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate nutritious foods that contain excellent, healthy vegetarian sources of protein. These ingredients include:

    • Greek yogurt
    • Oatmeal
    • Tofu
    • And more!

    Let’s check out some delicious protein smoothies for kids.

    Smoothies with protein not from powder

    Want to incorporate more natural sources of protein into your kid’s diet? Then here are 4 creative variations that use unique ingredients for the protein:

    • Strawberry banana tofu
    • Chocolate coconut hemp
    • Pina colada with peas
    • Peanut butter and jelly

    (via Dessert for Two)

    Oatmeal breakfast smoothie

    Greek yogurt, oats, and berries make this an excellent treat in the morning your kids will love. (via Kristine’s Kitchen Blog)

    Cake batter protein smoothie

    This one will convert even the most skeptical kiddos. I mean, a healthy dessert smoothie that tastes like cake? Who can’t get on board with that? (via Jennifer Meyering)

    Kid-friendly smoothies with spinach

    Spinach is such a nutrient-dense, low-calorie food that it makes for a perfect addition to smoothies to give your kids vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin E, and a whole other slew of good stuff.

    But the green color it adds can be offputting to some children. If that’s the case with your kiddo, start off adding just a handful of spinach to your smoothie, as a smaller amount shouldn’t change the color and flavor of your drink too much.

    As your kids become accustomed to fruits and veggies being mixed together in their cold treat, then you can be more bold and start introducing more veggies or creating greener smoothies.

    Here are kid-approved smoothies that all include spinach:

    Chocolate spinach smoothie

    A fantastic way to win your kids over. (via Mom to Mom Nutrition)

    Strawberry spinach smoothie

    The vibrant combination of colors won’t scare your kids off from having veggies in their drink. (via My Fussy Eater)

    Beetroot spinach smoothie

    The green is masked perfectly with another tasty vegetable: beets! Great 2-for-1 veggie special. (via Healthy Little Foodies)

    Pineapple mango spinach smoothie

    This combination results in a green color, but the tropical taste will win your kids over thanks to the tangy sweetness of two tropical fruits. This would be a great way to introduce green-colored smoothies to your munchkins. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

    Smoothies for toddlers to gain weight

    If your little one is a picky eater, they might not be getting enough calories in a day. Giving them a high calorie smoothies for toddlers can beef up their food intake while hopefully lowering your anxiety at the same time.

    The key is to choose calorie- and nutrient-dense foods that are high in good fats. Examples of such ingredients:

    Another tip: serve smoothies as an in-between meal snack to get more calories into your kid’s diet.

    Peanut butter and banana smoothie

    This protein-packed peanut butter smoothie has a healthy amount of fiber too. (via Super Healthy Kids)

    Avocado mango smoothie

    Avocado is a great base to thicken your smoothie because it’s creamy without affecting the flavor of the other ingredients in your drink. Mango smoothies pair really well with avocado.
    (via Family Fresh Meals)

    Avocado berry smoothie

    This is another great avocado smoothie, for toddlers and kids who can’t get enough of the intense berry color and flavor. (via The Lemon Bowl)

    Coconut oil smoothie

    This one is a nutrient powerhouse with pineapple, kale, coconut oil, and even a little broccoli. (via Simple Green Smoothies)

    Smoothies for toddlers with constipation

    Getting your munchkin to take in enough fluids per day makes the going…tough. Help relieve your child’s constipation with smoothies that incorporate:

    • Fiber-friendly foods like pears, prunes, sweet potatoes, peas, spinach
    • Fat like avocado or coconut oil to help coat their digestive tract

    Prune juice smoothie

    Trust us, prune works better magic than Miralax. This smoothie has additional fibery goodness, with kale and flax seeds. (via Scratch Mommy)

    Berry smoothie

    Unsure if your kid will take to prunes? Then how about sweet berries? (via Feeding Littles)

    Pear smoothie

    A sweet and refreshing drink that has lime and yogurt. (via Super Healthy Kids)

    These healthy smoothies for kids and toddlers will get even the most picky eaters to take in their fill of fruits, veggies, and other protein-packed nutrients. Parents will love how easy it is to make and feed their eager munchkins with these kid-friendly smoothies!

    Simple Smoothie for Kids
    Prep Time
    5 mins
    Total Time
    5 mins
    This refreshing, green smoothie is only 4 ingredients!
    Course: Breakfast, Smoothies, Snack
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: green smoothie for kids, spinach smoothie for kids, strawberry smoothie for kids, watermelon smoothie for kids
    Servings: 1 serving
    Calories: 133 kcal
    Author: Sylvia Wu
    • 1 cup spinach
    • 1 cup frozen strawberries
    • 1 cup watermelon
    • ½ cup coconut water
    1. Add ingredients into blender and combine.
    2. Enjoy!