Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results.” Luckily for us, protein smoothies are so quick and easy to make that they’ll give your body proper nutrition in 5 minutes tops.

    These homemade protein smoothie recipes will give you a boost of extra nutrients and energy that will leave your muscles pumped!


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    Are protein smoothies good for you?

    Smoothies can be a great way to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to be in tip-top shape. The key to succeeding at this is to use wholesome ingredients, which is pretty easy to do with DIY smoothies.

    You see, smoothies can be healthy, but that may not always be the case if you don’t know what’s in your drink. It’s easy to rack up the amount of sugar or calories in a smoothie drink, especially the kind you get from smoothie shops.

    By opting for homemade protein smoothies that you make yourself, you can control what ingredients are being blended in your drink, and ensure that only the stuff that’s actually good for your body is going into it.

    Are protein smoothies good for weight loss?

    You can make a protein smoothie that helps you lose weight, if you’re consuming less calories overall than your body needs to burn.

    Smoothies can be a good tool to make this happen if you fill them with nutrient-dense ingredients, like healthy fats and proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, and other ingredients that help you feel full so you don’t resort to bingeing on other unhealthy calories.

    But of course, for any kind of weight loss or major dietary change, be sure to check with a health practitioner to ensure that it’s safe for your health.

    How can I add protein to my smoothie?

    Protein powder may be a default choice, but if you’re wondering “what can I use instead of protein powder in smoothies?”, then we’ve got you covered!

    Here are some natural sources of protein that can go into your blended beverage:

    Best protein powders for smoothies

    garden of life meal protein powder vanilla

    Garden of Life Raw Meal

    An organic protein blend made from brown rice, quinoa, beans, tea, and cinnamon. 20 grams of protein per serving.

    vega one natural protein powder vegan

    Vega One Natural

    Protein blend from peas, hemp, and flaxseed packed with vitamins and minerals that meet half of your daily nutritional needs. 20 grams of protein per serving

    orgain organic protein powder vegan low carbs no sugar

    Orgain Protein

    A low-carb vegan protein powder from brown rice, chia, and peas with 0 grams of sugar per serving. A great option for those drinking smoothies for weight loss. 21 grams of protein per serving.

    mixed berry protein smoothie with almond milk

    How to make a protein smoothie

    Try this fruity, low-sugar, dairy-free vegan spinach smoothie without banana. You won’t even taste the veggies in this sweet drink. And it’s so simple to make!


    • 1 cup mixed berries, frozen
    • ½ cup almond milk
    • ¼ cup oats
    • ¼ cup nuts, crushed
    • Handful of spinach

    Instructions to make this easy protein smoothie:

    • Step 1. Add ingredients to blender and blend well.
    • Step 2. Enjoy!

    Protein smoothie recipes

    Protein smoothie for weight gain

    A sweet honey and kiwi smoothie to help your muscles that’s great post-workout. (via Act a Bit)

    Green protein smoothie

    A vegan protein smoothie with spinach, dates, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and almond butter. (via Root and Revel)

    Chocolate protein smoothie

    This protein smoothie opts for peanut butter instead of protein powder. (via Bless This Mess)

    Coffee protein smoothie

    This cafe mocha smoothie is a perfect way to start your day. (via The Lemon Bowl)

    Berry protein smoothie

    This blueberry strawberry smoothie is excellent for pregnant mothers. (via The Friendly Fig)

    Strawberry banana protein smoothie

    A super simple smoothie recipe that requires only 4 ingredients! (via Tastes Better from Scratch)

    Pineapple protein smoothie

    This dessert smoothie is actually healthy for you and tastes just like a drink version of pineapple upside down cake! (via The Seasoned Mom)

    Mango protein smoothie

    A tropical protein smoothie with a hint of vanilla. (via Half Scratched)

    Orange protein smoothie

    A citrusy, sweet treat that already has Greek yogurt for protein, so protein powder is optional. (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

    Pumpkin protein smoothie

    A delicious autumn drink with a touch of cinnamon for extra flavor and health. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

    Detoxifying protein smoothie

    Here’s a 2-for-1 special. This detox smoothie with almond milk has ginger and turmeric, but also protein from hemp. (via Lemons and Basil)

    Protein smoothie bowl

    Kids will love this breakfast option, a apple-flavored smoothie bowl that’s got yogurt, oats, and optional greens. (via Fit Foodie Finds)

    Your taste buds won’t be the only things pumped up by these protein smoothies! Check out this assortment of protein smoothie recipes that your muscles will thank you for.

    Protein Smoothie without Banana
    Prep Time
    5 mins
    Total Time
    5 mins
    Try this fruity, low-sugar, dairy-free vegan spinach smoothie without banana. You won’t even taste the veggies in this sweet drink. And it’s so simple to make!
    Course: Breakfast, Smoothies, Snack
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: berry protein smoothie, green protein smoothie, protein smoothie for kids, vegan protein smoothie
    Servings: 1 serving
    Calories: 394 kcal
    Author: munchmunchyum
    • 1 cup mixed berries frozen
    • ½ cup almond milk
    • ¼ cup oats
    • ¼ cup nuts crushed
    • Handful of spinach
    1. Add ingredients to blender and blend well.
    2. Enjoy!