About Munch Munch Yum Vegetarian Food Blog

    We know that just because you’re looking for vegetarian recipes, it doesn’t mean you’re part of any one-size-fits-all stereotype.


    Maybe you’re begrudgingly following your doctor’s orders because if you don’t, he says your heart is gonna go on a permanent strike.

    Or, you’re a mom who wants to try out Meatless Mondays, but you know that a sunflower sprout salad is gonna be a tough sell to your 6-year-old.

    Perhaps you’re already a seasoned vegetarian just looking for a new excursion you can take your taste buds on.


    People try out vegetarian food for all kinds of reasons: health, morality, curiosity, the demands of their spouse. We all have different feelings about it, and we don’t all have the same levels of experience when it comes to vegetarianism.

    There is, however, one universal thing that we all share: We want our food to be delicious!


    NO ONE becomes vegetarian because they want LESS tasty food, so when it comes to cooking, our philosophy is “delicious that HAPPENS to be vegetarian.” In other words, our number one priority is taste.

    Our goal with Munch Munch Yum is to win you over with tasty food, and provide you with all the details you want to know about vegetarianism once your tummy has been convinced.


    Whether you are a beginner who needs a comprehensive, ultimate guide to vegetarianism or an experienced vegetarian who just wants to jump right into trying our yummy recipes, we’re ready to share our passion with you!

    The Munch Munch Yum Family

    Stacy Trinh headshot Munch Munch Yum vegetarian food blog owner

    Stacy Trinh, vegetarian food blogger at Munch Munch Yum, lover of savory dishes (like nachos!)

    Sylvia Wu headshot Munch Munch Yum vegetarian food blog owner

    Sylvia Wu, vegetarian food blogger at Munch Munch Yum, lover of desserts and smoothies

    We are literally a family: two sisters, one of whom managed to snag an awesome home cook by marriage. We sisters were raised vegetarian by our parents, living and eating quite happily thanks to having a father who could churn out the most wonderful Asian home cooking. We always told people, “It’s super easy to be vegetarian when you have our dad as your cook!” and worried about the day we’d be grown up and have to move out. Luckily, their vegetarian journey was only going to get better.

    In 2016, Stacy married her hubby, who had won our entire family over with his cooking. He was NOT a vegetarian, but loved the challenge of taking things we missed from our omnivorous days and recreating the textures and flavors for our nostalgic enjoyment. Now, whenever we come across a dish at a restaurant that sounds good but we can’t eat because it has meat, we don’t have to be bummed because her hubby is their “knight in shining kitchen gear” who wows us again and again with his delicious interpretation.

    Soon after, Sylvia & her omnivorous husband added a new mouth to feed to our family when they had baby Quinton. He fit right in because, honestly, all he ever wants to do is sit at the dinner table and eat. His favorite things to do include eating, asking for your food, and searching for more food.

    Like a lot of new moms, Sylvia REALLY wanted to be there for every bite Quinton took, so she needed a way to earn a living that gave more flexibility. She realized that our family might have something worth sharing and pitched the idea of letting the rest of the world have a place at our dinner table via a vegetarianism blog. Stacy & Scott said yes, there were high-fives all around, and the journey to creating Munch Munch Yum began.