Looking for a keto diet plan to kickstart your weight loss? Want a slight reprieve from all the meatiness of the traditional keto diet options? Or just feeling like adding more veggies to your keto diet plan?

    Then try these vegetarian keto recipes. We’ve mixed and matched different ingredients and dishes to put together this 7-day keto meal plan that might actually take your diet and weight loss to a new level.

    *Of course, make sure you run your dietary needs with a health practitioner to ensure that you’re getting the proper nutrition for your body.*


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    What you’ll find in this keto diet plan

    When we made this meal plan, we tried to go all out by:

    • Putting together 5 choices a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert
    • Sticking to a daily range of 1200-1300 calories
    • Keeping to about 20-25 net carbs a day
    • Mixing up the veggies/ingredients cuz there’s more to a vegetarian keto diet than just cauliflower
    • Including a variety of cuisines and dishes so we don’t bore your taste buds

    But even then, since we are not doctors and are merely putting this together for informational purposes, make sure you check with a health professional first, kay?

    Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the one-week keto meal plan.


    Breakfast: Almond Cream Cheese Pancakes
    234 Calories / 20g fat / 11g protein / 2.5g net carbs
    (via Sugar Free Londoner)

    Lunch: Greek Collard Wraps
    165 Calories / 11g fat / 7g protein / 7g net carbs
    (via Ruled Me)

    Dinner: Cauliflower Tikki Masala
    151 Calories / 10g fat / 4g protein / 10g net carbs
    (via Vegetarian Gastronomy)

    Snack/side dish: Keto Matcha Green Tea
    503 calories / 55g fat / 0.5g protein / 0.5g net carbs
    (featured in keto tea recipes via Munch Munch Yum)

    Dessert: Carrot Cake in a Mug
    171 Calories / 15g fat / 9g protein / 1.5g net carbs
    (featured in keto mug cake recipes via Munch Munch Yum)

    Day One’s total macros: 1224 calories / 111g fat / 31g protein / 21.5g net carbs


    Breakfast: Lemon Sour Cream Muffin
    290 Calories / 25g fat / 8g protein / 4.5g net carbs
    (via I Breathe I’m Hungry)

    Lunch: Asian Noodles
    212 Calories / 16g fat / 7g protein / 6g net carbs
    (via I Breathe I’m Hungry)

    Dinner:Falafel Patty
    141 Calories / 12g fat / 4g protein / 2.5g net carbs
    (via I Breathe I’m Hungry)

    Snack/side dish: Sour Cream and Sriracha Deviled Eggs
    176 Calories / 13g fat / 13.5g protein / 1.5g net carbs
    (via Raia’s Recipes)

    Dessert: Vanilla Custard
    400 Calories / 41g fat / 5g protein / 3g net carbs
    (via Have Butter Will Travel)

    Day Two’s total macros: 1193 calories / 100g fat / 38.5g protein / 25g net carbs


    Breakfast: Ricotta Cheese Omelette
    427 Calories / 34g fat / 25g protein / 3.5g net carbs
    (via My Life Cookbook)

    Lunch: Three Cheese Stuffed Quiche Peppers
    245 Calories / 16g fat / 18g protein / 6g net carbs *make sure to use vegetarian parmesan cheese
    (via Ruled Me)

    Dinner: Warm Asian Broccoli Salad
    62 Calories / 4g fat / 2g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via Ruled Me)

    Snack/side dish: 5 Seed Crackers
    192 Calories / 15g fat / 7.5g protein / 2.5g net carbs
    (via Quite Good Food)

    Dessert: Pecan Pie with Brandy
    330 Calories / 30g fat / 6g protein / 5g net carbs
    (via Fat for Weight Loss)

    Day Three’s total macros: 1256 calories / 99g fats / 58.5g protein / 21g net carbs


    Breakfast: French toast
    249 Calories / 21g fat / 8g protein / 3.5g net carbs
    (via Kasey Trenum)

    Lunch: Portobello Mushroom Steak with Avocado Chimichurri
    354 Calories / 33g fat / 4g protein / 10g net carbs
    (via Minimalist Baker)

    Dinner: 2-Ingredient Pasta
    358 Calories / 22g fat / 33g protein / 3g net carbs
    (via Kirbie’s Cravings)

    Snack/side dish: Creamy Cauliflower Mash with Gravy
    174 Calories / 15g fat / 4g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via Keto Connect)

    Dessert: Fudge
    161 Calories / 18g fat / 0g protein / 0.5g net carbs
    (via Wholesome Yum)

    Day Four’s total macros: 1296 calories / 109g fats / 49g protein / 21g net carbs


    Breakfast: Coconut cream yogurt
    315 Calories / 32g fat / 1g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via Ruled Me)

    Lunch: Eggplant Lasagna
    474 Calories / 38g fat / 21g protein / 9g net carbs
    (via Keto Diet App)

    Dinner: Vegetable Samosas
    155 Calories / 11g fat / 10g protein / 3g net carbs
    (via Simply So Healthy)

    Snack/side dish: Moroccan Green Beans
    73 Calories / 5g fat / 2g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via I Breathe I’m Hungry)

    Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    255 Calories / 26g fat / 2g protein / 3g net carbs
    (featured in Low Carb Ice Cream Recipes via Munch Munch Yum)

    Day Five’s total macros: 1272 calories / 112g fats / 36g protein / 23g net carbs


    Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Porridge
    384 Calories / 29g fat / 18g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via Low Carb Maven)

    Lunch: Thai Curry with Tofu
    318 Calories / 27g fat / 12g protein / 7g net carbs
    (via Broke Foodies)

    Dinner: Butter “Chicken”
    254 Calories / 24g fat / 5g protein / 4g net carbs
    (via Two Sleevers)

    Snack/side dish: Keto Garlic Baked Asparagus
    21 Calories / 0g fat / 2g protein / 3g net carbs
    (via Keto Size Me)

    Dessert: Key Lime Cheesecake
    217 Calories / 22g fat / 4g protein / 2g net carbs
    (featured in Keto Cheesecake via Munch Munch Yum)

    Day Six’s total macros: 1194 calories / 102g fats / 41g protein / 20g net carbs


    Breakfast: Low-Carb Berry Smoothie
    249 Calories / 18g fat / 4g protein / 11g net carbs
    (featured in Low Carb Smoothies via Munch Munch Yum)

    Lunch: Avocado Egg Salad Wraps
    136 Calories / 12g fat / 5g protein / 0g net carbs
    (via My Keto Kitchen)

    Dinner: Keto Veggie Pizza
    578 Calories / 42g fat / 30g protein / 13g net carbs
    (via Tasteaholics)

    Snack/side dish: Easiest Ever Keto Fat Bomb
    148 Calories / 16g fat / 1.5g protein / 1.5g net carbs
    (featured in Keto Fat Bombs via Munch Munch Yum)

    Dessert: 2 Coconut Snowball Cookies
    80 Calories / 8g fat / 2g protein / 0g net carbs
    (via The Big Man’s World)

    Day Seven’s total macros: 1191 calories / 96g fats / 42.5g protein / 25.5g net carbs

    With a straight-shooting keto meal plan like this, these keto vegetarian recipes covering a full week of daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert options will jump-start your ketogenic diet plan and weight loss goals.