One of our favorite ways to give your veggies a fun makeover is turning them into vegetable noodles with a nifty spiralizer. But what really excites us is the creativity that people put into making food creations that incorporate these fun, spiralized vegetables.

    Check out this massive list of vegetables that you can spiralize, along with some tips to make the most of these vegetable noodles and some delicious spiralizer recipes you can make from this wide range of ingredients to give a twirl.


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    Or, check out our best spiralizer reviews post to make a more informed choice on your veggie noodle tool of choice.

    Vegetables You Can Spiralize

    Most people have heard of making pasta noodles made from vegetables. The thing is, though, you aren’t just limited to using spiralized noodles as a pasta substitute. We’ll show you all kinds of great dishes you can make from these ingredients:

    • Zucchini
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Regular potatoes
    • Carrots
    • Squash
    • Broccoli
    • Cucumber
    • Beets
    • Eggplant
    • Cauliflower
    • Bell pepper
    • Onion

    Spiralized Zucchini

    How to Spiralize Zucchini

    There are several ways to approach this both with and without an actual spiralizer. We delve into the pros and cons of each in our dedicated post on how to cook zucchini noodles.

    We even cover the most common problem people encounter: soggy noodles. Since you are working with a vegetable that releases a lot of moisture during both the spiralizing and cooking processes, be sure to check out the section on tips for how to avoid ending up with a wet, mushy mess.

    Spiralized Zucchini Recipes

    It was too hard to narrow down to just 1-2 zucchini noodle recipes for this post, so check out the complete round up of our favorite recipes spanning all kinds of dishes: from Italian to Asian, from pastas to soups and salads. (via Munch Munch Yum)

    Sweet Potato Spirals

    How to Spiralize Sweet Potato

    Because sweet potato is a pretty sturdy vegetable, don’t be shy about the amount of pressure you apply during the noodle-making process. Just remember: after it’s spiralized, the resulting noodles are fairly delicate, so you do need to be gentler during cooking.

    Sweet Potato Spiral Recipes

    This was another category that was tough for us to narrow down to just a few recipes, so check the whole list of our favorite spiralized sweet potato recipes. (via Munch Munch Yum)

    Spiralized Potato Recipes

    How to Spiralize Potatoes

    We didn’t want to leave out regular white potatoes from our spiralizer recipe list, since they too can be made into their own delectable dishes. Like sweet potatoes, you don’t need to be so soft during the spiralizing process, but handle the spiral noodles with lots of care when you are cooking them.

    The process for spiralizing regular potatoes is not much different from how you would handle sweet potatoes. Just follow the same tips from our prior post on spiralized sweet potato recipes.

    Potato noodles recipes

    Spiralized Chips

    If you love Hasselback potatoes or potato chips, then you’ve gotta try this super easy recipe. The recipe itself is for basic salted chips, but feel free to add your own blend of seasonings to create flavored chips. (via Taste of Home)

    Potato Bun Sandwich

    If you think outside the pasta box, you really can substitute spiralized vegetable noodles for practically anything. This recipe uses potatoes to create bread for a yummy sandwich. (via Inspiralized)

    Spiralized Carrots

    It’s common to find julienned carrots in dishes like salads and Asian stir fry, so why not try them in spiral form? Once you get the hang of using a spiralizer and are no longer afraid to apply more pressure as you spiralize your veggies, be sure to give carrots a shot.

    How to Spiralize Carrots

    Like a lot of vegetables, this one is pretty simple to spiralize. Just peel the carrot and slice off both ends so that it’s flat enough to put in your spiraling machine. Again, don’t be afraid to apply pressure to get perfectly cut carrot noodle spirals.

    You can enjoy your carrot spirals raw, or if you’re wondering how to cook carrot noodles, you have several options. The one that produces the best flavor overall is roasting, which you do at 425 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. Spiralized carrots can also be sauted for 5-8 minutes, or you can boil them for about 3 minutes.

    Spiralized Carrot Recipes

    Vegan Carrot Noodles with Peanut Sauce

    This vegan-friendly recipe is totally to Thai for (pun intended!). It uses pan-fried tofu for its protein of choice, plus red curry paste and some soy sauce to create a yummy Asian-flavored sauce. (via The Endless Meal)

    Carrot Spaghetti Recipe

    This recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner, since it takes only 26 minutes from prep to done cooking and is kid-friendly. You can make the noodles with either a spiralizer or peeler, but be sure to adjust your cooking time depending on the thickness of the noodle. (via Oatmeal with a Fork)

    Spiralized Squash

    Whether it be spaghetti squash, butternut squash, or yellow squash, making squash noodles is pretty similar to zucchini (which also happens to be a squash).

    How to Spiralize Squash

    The tips we shared on how to make zucchini noodles with or without a spiralizer are pretty much the same for these guys, since they both work nicely in a spiralizer. Whether you choose to make thick or thin squash noodles, you’ll have fun turning these veggies into all kinds of dishes.

    Spiralized Squash Recipes

    There were so many tasty choices that we rounded up a bunch of butternut squash noodles in salads, pastas, and other delicious dishes. (via Munch Munch Yum)

    Spiralized Broccoli

    Not everyone loves broccoli stems, but spiralizing them is a way to up their cool factor and inspire you to keep from throwing them out.

    How to Spiralize Broccoli

    You’ve probably figured out that we’re working with broccoli stems here, instead of the florets, to make noodles from broccoli. Therefore, you’ll want to pick bunches of broccoli that have wider and straighter stems (to fit more appropriately into a spiralizer).

    Separate the stems from florets completely before you put them through the spiralizer to make it less messy. The trick to spiralizing broccoli is to be swift and strong about this.

    Because these stems are sturdier, you can cook them in a skillet and they won’t fall apart as easily as other veggies might. Plus, they absorb flavors wonderfully, so you should definitely give this veggie a try.

    Broccoli Spiral Recipes

    One of the easiest ways to come up with uses for spiralized broccoli is to start by thinking of dishes that you already know broccoli works well in. Then, add in the spiralized broccoli stems for a new twist, literally!

    Broccoli Mac & Cheese

    Few dishes are more beloved by both adults and kids than mac and cheese with broccoli. This vegan recipe allows you to incorporate the entire broccoli into a yummy dish that your family will definitely want seconds of. (via Well Vegan)

    Broccoli Stir Fry

    Panda Express has taught us that people love broccoli in their stir fries, which tend to be full of strong flavors that will go well with your spiralized broccoli stems. This particular recipe calls for a little of bit of heat with sriracha. (via Eating Well)

    Spiralized Cucumber

    This vegetable makes for a delicious raw addition to salads or pastas. It’s possibly the easiest, no-fuss veggie to prepare since you don’t need to do anything beforehand and no cooking is requiring.

    How to Spiralize Cucumber

    Like we’ve mentioned for other veggies, finding cucumbers that are long and straight would work best in the spiralizer. The fact that peeling is 100% optional also adds to the easy factor.

    The only thing to be aware of is that cucumbers naturally release A LOT of water. Just let it sit awhile and pat dry with a paper towel before adding spiralized cucumber to your dish.

    Spiralized Cucumber Recipes

    Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad

    Use cucumber noodles with other classic Greek ingredients to create a yummy take on Greek salad. We love to have some extra tang in our dressing, so we always sneak in a little bit extra red wine vinegar. (via Pretty Providence)

    Spiralized Beets

    Not only do beets add a wonderful color to your dish, they sure do beat (we just love puns!) having to eat the same old vegetables again, don’t they?

    How to Spiralize Beets

    Like carrots, peel and then slice the ends off so they’re flat and even.

    As for cooking, we prefer them roasted, which only takes about 8-10 minutes at 425 degrees. You can also saute them for about 6-8 minutes, boil for 3 minutes, or even serve them raw.

    Beet Spiral Recipes

    Roasted Beets & Brussel Sprouts with Hummus Dressing

    What do you get when you throw together savory brussel sprouts, tangy beets, and creamy hummus dressing? A bowl of awesomeness for your mouth! (via Inspiralized)

    Spiralized Beet Salad with Blueberries, Feta, and Mint

    We love the beautiful rainbow of colors in this refreshing salad, from red beets to blueberries to bright green mint. We recommend using gloves when handling the beets to keep the color to just your plate and avoid staining your hands. (via Forks And Folly)

    Spiralized Eggplant

    How to Spiralize Eggplant

    Eggplant can be difficult to spiralize because it’s pretty soft compared to other vegetables and it has a lot of small seeds that are hard to pick out. The truth is, if you try to spiralize it in a handheld or electric spiralizer, you aren’t going to get much out of the eggplant and will end up with a lot of scrap pieces. For these reasons, most people actually prefer to use a mandoline, julienne slicer, or plain old knife to make their eggplant noodles.

    Since we hate food waste, we urge you to use whatever leftover eggplant you have in any recipe that uses cooked eggplant, such as zaalook or ratatouille. As long as you have a way to use the remaining eggplant, then why not give eggplant noodles a try?

    Eggplant Summer Pasta

    This super simple dish gives you a chance to really taste the eggplant noodles in all their glory. Make sure to use a vegetarian brand of Parmesan cheese or omit it altogether to ensure your dish is truly vegetarian. (via The Brewer and the Baker)

    Dan Dan Eggplant Noodles

    Dan dan is a traditional Chinese dish with noodles that are mixed with ground beef and tossed with chili oil. You can easily make it vegan like this recipe does, by using a meat substitute like tempah.(via Rachel Hartley Nutrition)

    Spiralized Cauliflower

    How to Spiralize Cauliflower

    Another popular vegetable-as-a-starch trend is cauliflower rice, which is something your spiralizer can easily help you make. In a nutshell, you can make cauliflower rice with your spiralizer by: cutting off the leaves, sticking a chopstick into the bottom of the stem, theninserting the chopstick into the blade end of your spiralizer so that it helps hold your cauliflower in place as you crank.

    This is one of those things that’s easier to understand when you see it in action, so check out this great tutorial on YouTube.

    Cauliflower “rice” pieces you can be used for a wide variety of recipes, not just rice-inspired ones. Try out these two entrees to see what we mean.

    Cauliflower spiral recipes

    Cauliflower Quesadillas

    Everyone loves Mexican food, but it usually clocks in with a pretty high carb count. Here is one way to cut down the carbs, by using some cauliflower rice and xantham gum to make low-carb tortillas! (via Wholesome Yum)

    Cauliflower Hash Browns Breakfast Bowl

    To conquer your day, you need to get your fill during the most important meal of the day. Here is a breakfast recipe that gives you both the yumminess you want and the nutrients you need.(via Iowa Girl Eats)

    Spiralized Bell Peppers

    How to Spiralize Bell Peppers

    Bell peppers have a funky core that you have to account for before you can successfully spiralize it. Fortunately, all it takes is cutting off the top end, carefully pulling out the center and shaking out any fallen seeds, then setting it against the spiralizer like usual and cranking away.

    Spiralized Bell Pepper Recipes

    Vegan Coconut Chickpea Curry

    This recipe gives you double the spiralized action with two spiralized vegetables: carrots and bell peppers. It’s a breeze to capture the Thai curry flavor you’re looking for by using red curry paste. (via Inspiralized)

    Spiralized Bell Pepper Antipasto

    This tasty salad is the perfect dish to bring as an appetizer to any potluck or event. Don’t let the word “salad” fool you; the hearty artichoke hearts (couldn’t resist!) give it a feeling of substance. (via Inspiralized)


    Spiralized Red Onions

    Most people are used to adding thinly sliced red onions to salads, but spiralizing gives them a little bit of extra visual pizzazz. They are super easy to use with a spiralizer since onions are very firm, so there’s no reason not to give them a whirl too.

    How to Spiralize Red Onions

    Using a spiralizer on onions only requires you to peel, insert, and crank. Red onions are mild enough to eat raw or you can cook them like how you normally would prepare thinly sliced onion such as quickly sauteing them.

    Spiralized Onion Recipes

    Ultimate Avocado Toast with Spiralized Red Onions

    We never would have thought to pickle our spiralized onions and then then throw them onto avocado toast along with a fried egg, but it works oh so deliciously! Add a sprinkle of paprika for a pop of color and taste. (via Williams Sonoma)

    German Cucumber and Spiralized Red Onion Salad

    Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity, like with this salad. It only has 8 super-easy to find ingredients, and takes less than 15 minutes to prep and make. Refrigerating it overnight makes it taste even better! (via Zen and Spice)

    There is practically no limit to the types of vegetables you can spiralize. With a little imagination, you can make spiralized vegetable noodles out of practically any produce you come across. We hope this massive list of vegetables to spiralize has inspired you to think of new ways to add a pop of fun to your dishes with spiralized vegetables. Don’t be afraid to give all your vegetables a turn on your spiralizer!